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No information - contact Maggie Pike on 01752 768053

Results 15th Aug 2015

Junior Girls (1500m)

Junnior Boys (1500m)

1st Lily Collins-Board (Exeter) 22.18

2nd Victoria Moore (Mount Kelly) 22.54

3rd Ophelia Donoghue (Oddicombe) 25.07

4th Milly Kendall (Exeter) 27.08

5th Sophie Spiller (Exmouth) 28.45

6th Heidi Schunk (Exmouth) 28.51

1st Charlie Kendall (Exeter) 22.06

2nd Gerorge Garside (Paignton) 23.54

3rd Haydn Woolley (Newton Abbot) 24.06

4th Aidan Spiller (Exmouth) 29.09

5th Joseph Shunck (Exmouth) 30.22


Guest swimmer

1st Reef Slack (St Ives Bay) 23.54

Senior Ladies (3000m)

Senior Mens (3000m)

1st Caitlin O'Malley (RN&RM) 54.58

1st George Cornwell-Brown (Exmouth) 46.40

2nd Kevin Dart (Paignton) 50.06

3rd Scott Lamont (RN&RM) 1.09.19

Guest swimmer

1st Peter Stephens (Truro) 1.00.09


Presentations by Sue Haigh - Devon County ASA President

Pictures by Richard Davies

No results or pictures were submitted to the webmaster

2013 results

4th Aug 2013 - Oddicombe Beach - Click here

Oddicombe Beach - 4th Aug 2013


The brave ones

The brave ones


Juniors starting

Juniors starting


Seniors starting

Seniors starting


Seniors frothing!

Seniors - someone saw a jelly fish!

Presentation by Phil Whiting (President)

Phil Whiting (President) addressing swimmings and supporters for presentation.

A very wet afternoon not just for the swimmers. Typical Devon summer!


Boys winners

Junior men - winners


Club winners - Exmouth

Club winnners - Exmouth


Girls winners

Junior Ladies - winners


Ladies winners

Senior ladies - winners


Mens winners

Senior men - winners

Junior Boys
Mathew Birkett (Paignton)
George Cornwell Brown (Exmouth)
Henry Cornwell Brown (Exmouth)
George Garside (Paignton)
Daniel Pengell (PL)
Kierran Rookes (Tavistock)
Joseph Schunck (Exmouth)
Aiden Spiller (Exmouth)

Junior Girls
Emily Attfield (Tavistock)
Lucy Clark (Oddicombe)
Katherine Cornwell Brown (Exmouth)
Lexi Dart (Paignton)
Ophelia Donoghue (Oddicombe)
Corrie Fairbairn (PL)
Keira Jordon (Exmouth)
Eveie McGlynn (Exmouth)
Jasmine Simpson Currie (Exmouth)
Sophie Spiller (Exmouth)

Senior Men
David Clark (Royal Navy)
Steve Clark (Oddicombe)
Kevin Dart (Paignton)
Andrew McGlynn (Exmouth)
Andrew Medlock (South London)
Peter Stevens (Royal Navy)
Ollie White (Exmouth)
Paul Wood (Royal Navy)

Senior Ladies
Tara Dudley (Exmouth)
Anne Felton (Oddicombe)
Susan Harvey (Oddicombe)
Caitlin O'Malley (Royal Navy)
Harriet Tuck (PL)
Lindsey Walke (Devonport)

Results (Juniors - 1500m)






Daniel Pengelly



Kieran Rookes



George Cornwell Brown



Matthew Burkett



George Garside



Aiden Spiller



Joseph Schunck







Corrie Fairbairn



Emily Attfield



Lucy Clark



Keira Jordan



Lexi Dart



Ophelia Donoghue



Sophie Spiller



Jasmine Simpson Currie




Evie McGlynn



Katherine Cornwell Brown


Results (Seniors - 3000m)






Ollie White



Kevin Dart



Steve Clark



Paul Wood



Andrew McGlynn



David Clark



Peter Stephens



Andrew Medlock







Harriet Tuck



Tara Dudley



Lindsey Walke



Catlin O'Malley



Susan harvey



Anne Felton

Devon County A.S.A. wishes to thank Maggie Pike (event Co-ordinator), Torbay Borough Council. Babbacombe Corinthian Sailing Club, IBEX Canoe Clue, Mr R Stobart, Mr G.Hester, Mr.R.Davies, M.C.A.Brixham and Oddicombe Beach Cafe.


Devon Open Water Event - Saturday August 18th 2012


ASA SOUTH WEST REGION Open Water Swimming Committee Courses

An Introduction to Open Water Swimming and Sea Training Residential Weekend at Sea Cadet Training Centre
3rd, 4th, 5th June 2011

Introduction course flyer

Introduction entry form

A Training Course for Open Water Swimming Officials (Beginners and Advanced) Residential Weekend at Sea Cadet Training Centre
3rd, 4th, 5th June 2011

Training course flyer

Training entry form


ASA South West Region
2011 Open Water Swimming Championships & Age Group Competitions
Preston Beach - Weymouth (2nd-3rd July 2011)

Weymouth Race Flyer 2011

Weymouth 10Km Entry Form 2011

Weymouth 5Km-3Km-1 5Km Entry Form 2011

Weymouth 750m Entry Form 2011

Devon Open Water Swimming Championships
Goodrignton Sands to Broadsands Beach
19th September 2010

The Devon County Open Water Championships took place on 19 th September 2010, with 1.5km and a 3km course running between Goodrington Sands and Broadsands Beach in Paignton. Twenty-six swimmers from 10 clubs entered the competition and 19 turned up on the day to swim.
The results were as follows:

Mens 3km:
1st – Freddie Hedger (Barnstaple) – 00:46.33
2nd – Cameron Carpenter-Warren (Exmouth) – 00:46.42
3rd – Kevin Dart (Paignton) – 00:49.53

Womens 3km:
1st – Caroline Ball (Kelly College) – 00:46.45
2nd – Harriet Tuck (Dinnaton) – 00:46.49
3rd – Lindsey Walke (Devonport Royal) – 00:59.39

Boys 1.5km:
1st – Matthew Rose (Plymouth Leander) – 00:24.35
2nd – Bradley Pearce (Exeter) – 00:24.57
3rd – Joshua Caton (Barnstaple) - 00:25.14

Girls 1.5km:
1st – Chloe Davey (Plymouth Leander) – 00:25.03
2nd – Grace Clark (Barnstaple) – 00:25.07
3rd – Laura Selwood (Plymouth Leander) – 00:27.29

The Team Trophy results were as follows:
=1st – Barnstaple & Plymouth Leander – 10 points
3rd – Kelly College – 5 points

PLYMOUTH Leander swimmers could follow in the footsteps of Olympic heroine Cassie Patten.


Patten, a former Leander star who now swims for Stockport Metro, won bronze in the 10k open at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

She also reached the finals of the 800m open.
Now several Leander youngsters could be well on the way to emulating her feat after winning the Devon

County Open Water Championships after entering — and winning — the 1,500m competition for the first time.

The Leander swimmers, guided by the club's assistant coach and former English Channel swimmer Lindsay Dunn, finished with four of their swimmers in the top six.
The championships, which started at Goodrington Sands, Paignton and finished at Broadsands, was aimed at 12-16-year-olds.

Leander's Chloe Davey and Matthew Rose won the female and male championship. Behind them were Laura Selwood in third and Danielle Baker in fifth.

Leander head coach Jon Rudd said for some of the swimmers, open water racing would be secondary to trying to develop their indoor skills.

But he added that some Leander members might do as well as Patten.
Leander swimmers have already made a successful appearance at the Blue Mile in Plymouth this year.

Rudd said: "Leander has an open water tradition with the likes of Cassie Patten and it's nice to see we have got swimmers who are continuing that.
"For Chloe (Davey), open water is going to be second-string, although she likes doing it.
"But people like Matt (Rose) like the long distances and could do well at them."

Rudd said for competitors, open water was different to indoor events.
"Indoor swimming is a very sole sport, because you get in your own lane and off you go," he said. "With open water, you've got to take on the elements and swimming against other competitors can often be a contact sport, because everyone's bumping into each other. A swimmer has to be resilient to take part and there's a lot more strategy involved.

"Most swimmers see this as early-season training to get them going, but with kids like Laura (Selwood), who wants to do distance swimming, it's another string to their bow."


Devon County Open Water Swim 2009

Due to circumstances beyond my control I am sorry to say that this year's Devon County open water swim will have to be cancelled. The beach at Budleigh Salterton has been closed as there have been sightings of Portuguese Man of War Jellyfish. As we hold the event late in the year it is impossible to arrange it for a date in the future due to lessening daylight hours. Once again I am sorry and hope that you will re-enter the swim next year
Karen Ball

The Southwest region Open water competitions are being held at Weymouth Sat /Sun 4th and 5th July. Closing date is 8th June and entry forms can be found on the ASA Southwest website.
Also, the ASA Area 5km, the Age Group County Team Event and Masters 5km, all usually held at Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham, have been cancelled.

Devon County Open Water Swim
31st August 2008
Budleigh Salterton

The Devon County Open Water Swim moved to a new venue this year at Budleigh Salterton. Considering the summer we have had the weather was very kind to us and the sea was fairly calm, not much wind and some sunshine. A variety of swimmers from all over the county met around 4pm and the swim got underway at approx 5pm. The 12-16 year olds entered the water first and swam one lap of a 1500m course. First home for the girls was Grace Clark from Barnstaple and for the boys was Lawrence Oxborough for Kelly College .

The 17 and over event set off about 15mins later and they swam 2 laps of the course. First home for the ladies was Caroline Ball from Kelly College and for the men was Matthew Henry from Kelly College, both of these swimmers successfully defended their titles from last year.



Having made the 7hour "trek" from South West to South East Coast Caroline Ball of Kelly College arrived at Dover Docks on Saturday 14th June to compete in the "Champion of Champions" which consists of 3 seperate sea swim of 5, 3 and 1 miles around a 1 mile square course. The morning weather was warm and the sea was calm with only a very slight breeze and entering the water at 9.30am along with around 60 other people Caroline established her place as 2nd in the pack by around the 500m mark, she held this position into the 4th mile where she took the lead and finished the first swim in a time of 1hr 35.10.

By the time the 3 mile swim started at 2.00pm the wind speed and wave size had both increased - Caroline tackled this well and again finished in 1st place in a time of 56.20. The weather deteriorated slightly by 5.00pm for the start of the final swim and most of the swimmers were suffering from fatigue and the cold. The conditions affected Caroline slightly and although she had a good sound swim in 18.34 mins she had to be content with 2nd place behind Christopher Eynon. The three times were added together to give a cumulative time of 2hr 49m making Caroline not only the ladies champion but the Overall winner of the Competition.

Lake Windermere Swim – Caroline Ball

On Saturday 1 st September we woke at 5.00am to see that the weather was dry and partially cloudy, which would suit the swimmers, if not the spectators. After a breakfast of Porridge topped with a variety of extras, toast and fruit, the swimmers and crew members made their way to the launch boat that was to carry them the 10.5miles to the south end of the lake. All 38 swimmers entered the water off the pontoon at 8.55am, and at 9.00am sharp the signal for the start of the race was sounded. The swimmers then made their way towards the rowing boat containing their crew who would guide them the quickest and safest way up the lake to the finish.

After 4hrs 27mins Caroline Ball came into view after battling her way through fishing lines, the odd Pike fish, Cross lake Ferries and Lake Cruisers under the guidance and navigation of her old friend and fellow swimmer from her days at Tavistock Swimming Club, Tom Urro and her Rower, Steve Elliot, to finish in 3rd place overall and 2nd lady home which, for a first attempt, was a very rewarding prize for a very tiring but successful swim.

On Sunday 1st June Exmouth Swimming and Life Saving Society held the 45th annual Fairway Buoy Swim.

For the first time in the swim's history a new route had to be used after areas of the old course had become too shallow to swim in. The new route began further along the beach as close to the docks and Mamhead Slipway as possible. The new route used the new Swash Way channel to get swimmers and support vessels through Pole Sands and out to open sea where swimmers swam a circuit before rounding the newly positioned turn buoy and returning to the start position.

On the day there was little or no wind and 33 of the record 39 swimmers entered took to the water including King of the Channel Michael Read and Linda Ashmore, record holder for the oldest female to complete the Channel, and a strong team of 5 Exmouth Swimmers. Swim organiser Barry Westaway said, “Someone must have been looking down on us with the weather” as none of the 33 swimmers who started the 4.5 mile course retired.

The race was won overall by last year's winner Caroline Ball of Kelly College in a time of 1.34.25. Caroline trains in open water with the Exmouth Open Water squad and coach Alan Franks at Budleigh beach up to three times a week. Second overall and first male swimmer to finish was Darron Corden in 1.36.52, who returned to the Exmouth Fairway Buoy Swim a number of years after he last entered. 3 rd overall was Nancy Shaw with Robert Cook, winner of the men's race last year, 4 th overall and 2 nd male.

The 5 th swimmer overall and 3 rd man home was Exmouth swimmer Olly White who won the trophy for first Exmouth swimmer after 1.40.54 in the water. Simon Lee who has completed the swim 19 times and has won the swim on numerous occasions was 4 th male and 6 th overall finishing a minute before Exmouth Swimmer Ian Lang who completed the swim in 1.42.23 to improve his overall and men's positions from last year finishing 7 th overall and 5 th male. Next to finish was first Exmouth Lady Tara Dudley who was competing in her first Fairway Buoy and claimed 8 th place and 3 rd lady in a sprint finish from Charlotte Roberts.

Elaine Lewis, also competing in her first Fairway Buoy was second Exmouth Female home, 18 th overall and 6 th female swimmer in a time of 1.48.05. Completing the Exmouth team was Mark Westaway who was 17 th overall and 12 th male; Mark is swimming the English Channel this August and is sponsored by Exmouth Swimming and Life Saving Society and Westaway Electrics.
Thanks go to everyone who made the swim a safe and successful one.
For full results or more information about Exmouth Open Water Swimming visit www.exmouthswimming.org


Lake Windermere Swim – Caroline Ball

On Saturday 1 st September we woke at 5.00am to see that the weather was dry and partially cloudy, which would suit the swimmers, if not the spectators. After a breakfast of Porridge topped with a variety of extras, toast and fruit, the swimmers and crew members made their way to the launch boat that was to carry them the 10.5miles to the south end of the lake. All 38 swimmers entered the water off the pontoon at 8.55am, and at 9.00am sharp the signal for the start of the race was sounded. The swimmers then made their way towards the rowing boat containing their crew who would guide them the quickest and safest way up the lake to the finish.

After 4hrs 27mins Caroline Ball came into view after battling her way through fishing lines, the odd Pike fish, Cross lake Ferries and Lake Cruisers under the guidance and navigation of her old friend and fellow swimmer from her days at Tavistock Swimming Club, Tom Urro and her Rower, Steve Elliot, to finish in 3rd place overall and 2nd lady home which, for a first attempt, was a very rewarding prize for a very tiring but successful swim.



Devon swimmers took on the rest of the country at Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham in the National Open Water Championships over the bank holiday weekend and came out on top with some excellent individual swims.
Matthew Henry of Kelly College(17), National Champion in the boy's 1750m 15/16years Open Water 2006, moved up to the Men's 2k, 17 to 24 years age group and again showed the rest of the country the way home, finishing 1 ½ minutes ahead of his nearest rival to take the gold medal and Championship title. Matthew has been invited by Plymouth Sports Forum to attend the visit of Lord Coe to Plymouth in September to enable Lord Coe and guests to meet elite athletes and their coaches who have the opportunity to participate in 2008 and 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Caroline Ball, also from Kelly College (18), showed the way home in the Ladies 2k, 17 to 24 years age group, well ahead of any opposition to become the Ladies Champion. Caroline is now heading for The Lake District, where she will be competing in the Windermere 10 ½ mile swim.
Matthew Stacey(15), Kelly College competing in the boys 15/16 1750m placed 4th for the second year in a row whilst his sister Kathryn, Kelly College, (13), swimming at the National Open Water Championships for the first time swam a very brave race to take the bronze medal in the girls 13/14, 1500m Championship. Hannah Ball(13), Kelly College and Holly Willing(13) from Newton Abbot also placed well in the same age group. Lucy Patten (15) from Plymouth Leander had a good swim in the Girls 15/16 yrs age group.

Devon County ASA took part in the National Team Event and Matthew Henry, Matthew Stacey and Kathryn Stacey of Kelly College , representing Devon County , took the gold medal with the fastest time of the day from the three individual events, when added together. Teams from Scotland North and Gloucester placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Cassandra Patten, Silver medalist in the World Open Water Championships was at the Championships and presented the medals.



Open Water 2007 (Saturday 11th August 2007)

For the second year running Kelly College Swim Squad took on and beat the rest of Devon County Clubs at the DCASA Open Water Championships at Oddicombe. The Team of Matthew Henry , Caroline Ball, Matthew Stacey, Kathryn Stacey, Cameron Carpenter-Warren, Rebecca Windemer and Hannah Ball were never seriously challenged as they won all the individual events.

Matthew Henry (17), winner of the 16 and under 1500m for the last three years, stepped up to the 17 and over 3k this year and just carried on where he had left off. His win was very impressive, being nearly 5 minutes ahead of the second placed swimmer. Matthew's next event is at the end of August, when he will be taking on the top swimmers in the country at Holme Pierrepoint, Nottingham in the National Open Water Championships. Matthew won the 15/16 years title last year, but this year moves up the 17 to 25 years age group.
Caroline Ball(18), defended her 3k title that she won last year with great aplomb and goes back to full training for her attempt at the Windermere swim at the beginning of September and the National Open Water Championships.

Matthew Stacey(15), runner up for the past two years to Matthew Henry in the 1500m, swam away from the rest of the field to take the 16 and under title for the first time. Matthew is now heading for Nottingham , where he hopes to improve on his 4 th place from last year. Team-mate, Cameron Carpenter Warren, swimming an open water event, for the first time, took equal second place.

Not to be outdone, Matthew's younger sister, Kathryn Stacey (13), swam brilliantly to make it a ‘full house' for Kelly College, when she took first place in the girls 16 & under 1500m. Kathryn also will be attending the National Open Water championships, where she will be taking part for the first time, as swimmers have to be 13 to enter. Rebecca Windemer and Hannah Ball, both swimming in open water events for the first time, finished well up the field and were both highly delighted with their performances.

The medals and trophies were presented by Robert Margetts, ASA President, Keith Pring, President ASA South West, and Steve Ward, DCASA President. Steve Ward thanked Maggie Pike for organizing the event, which once again was a great success. Even the weather played its part well.

Intrepid swimmers from Exmouth Swimming & Life Saving Society travelled to the Lake District last weekend to compete in a relay swim up and down the length of Lake Windermere . The 21 mile team event was organised to celebrate the golden jubilee of the British Long Distance Swimming Association to which Exmouth S&L.S.S are affiliated.

Teams travelled from far a field, including 2 teams from Ireland , in order tackle the gruelling event which saw the teams of six members completing two 2 mile stints each during the course of the day.
Exmouth had high hopes. The team included 4 Fairway Buoy finishers, one past and one prospective channel swimmer and two solo Windermere conquerors. Elaine Lewis, Mark Westaway, Ian Lang, Gemma Franks, Adam Tapp and Olly White were the swimmers who were guided up the lake by team Manager Alan Franks who kept a watchful eye on the route.

It became clear after the first hour that the race was for first place was between Exmouth and a team of junior elite pool swimmers from the Wigan B.E.S.T club. When the weather took a turn for the worse, Exmouth began to challenge as the open water experience paid off. But in the end the raw speed of the Wigan team was too strong and Exmouth settled for a very creditable 2nd place, finishing in 9 hours 35 mins, over an hour ahead of the 3rd placed team from Warrington.

The team will continue train hard as 7 members of the Exmouth club are entered in the 10.5 mile solo Windermere race which takes place on September 1 st . If you are interested in open water swimming, the Exmouth squad train on Tuesday and Thursday nights. We meet at Steamer steps, Budleigh Salterton at 6.30 or Sundays at 11. Alternatively with the masters group who train at Exmouth Sports centre.


Adam Tapp makes his way down the lake


The whole team. Support crew on back row.

This year's Fairway buoy race proved to be one of the most successful for Devon swimmers for many years.

The 4.5 mile sea race is organised by Exmouth Swimming & Life Saving Society. The swim, now in its 44th year, attracts some of the country's top open water swimmers - many are past and prospective Channel swimmers.

The race course sees competitors enter the water on Exmouth seafront then head out to sea to the Fairway buoy which marks the beginning of the Exe estuary. Swimmers then round the buoy and head back to shore.
37 swimmers entered the race, a high class field coming from all over the country, but it was Caroline Ball from Kelly College who powered her way in first place in and impressive time of 1hour 33 mins, 1 minute clear of second placed Nancy Douglas.

Finishing third was the first Man home was Robert Cook of Cheltenham who completed the course in 1hr 36mins. First Exmouth swimmer home was Olly White, finishing in 1hr 38 mins and taking 6th spot. Ian Lang and Mark Westaway, also Exmouth swimmers completed the course and Gemma Franks took the trophy for first Exmouth lady.

Swim secretary Barry Westaway said the popularity of the Exmouth Fairway Buoy swim had increased with more than double the entrants compared to last year's competition and some competitors had to be turned away.

"It's one of the largest open water sea swims in the country, they are few and far between," he said.

"We have had a 110 per cent increase in entries from last year.

"We kept at 37 competitors because of safety, so we didn't have any problems and we will probably keep the race at 40 competitors in the future."

The swim is a stern test as it is still early in the season so temperatures are down and the weather unpredictable.
The Exmouth group train regularly in the sea during the summer months. Anyone interested in open water swimming is welcome to join in.


the swimmers at the begining of the race


swimmers line up for the start of the race


Winner caroline Ball makes her way out to sea, watched
over by fellow swimmer and kayaker Gareth Cowell of Totnes Masters



DCASA Open Water Event 2006
Kelly College brave the Open Waters

Kelly College Swim Squad took to the Open Water at Oddicombe Beachin July, when they competed in the Devon County Amateur Swimming Association’s Open Water Championships and came home with 5 golds and 7 silvers.

The Boys Junior Championship (1.5k) saw a repeat of last year with Matthew Henry (16) winning the event and Matthew Stacey (14) coming in second. This was the third year running that Henry has won this event and next year will see him moving to the Senior ranks and the further distance of 3k. Henry has accepted a place at Kelly College in the newly formed ‘Academy of Sport’ starting in September, which aims to launch talented athletes towards the Beijing and London Olympic Games.

In the Girls Junior Championship Kathryn Stacey (12) was competing in Open Water for the very first time and swam brilliantly to place second, only 10 seconds behind the winner fifteen year old Lucinda Patten from Plymouth Leander.

Western Counties Open Water Champion, Caroline Ball (17), led the Girls Senior Championship (3k) from start to finish with a very impressive swim, finishing only seconds behind the Senior Boys winner. Caroline will be joining Matthew Henry at Kelly College Academy of Sport in September. Second place in this event went to Kelly College’s Paralympic bronze medalist Claire Cashmore (18), who despite her disability and the fact that she had never swam open water before took a very positive attitude and swam away from the rest of the field. Claire, another student taking up a place at the Academy of Sport has already qualified for the IPC World Championships later this year to be held in Durban.

In the Senior Mens Championship (3k), Junior Heffernan (16), Irish International Triathlete, placed a very good second in his first outing at Open Water Swimming. David Hill (17), another Kelly College Paralympic Swimmer and also taking to the Open Water scene for the first time 5placed 6th overall. David has also qualified for the IPC World Championships in Durban.

To cap off a very successful day, Kelly College were awarded the Top Team Trophy. All medals and trophies were presented by Rob Margetts (Torquay Leander), President of the Amateur Swimming Association and Keith Pring (Port of Plymouth) President of the ASA South West.


Last Summer, Cherry Shute of Dawlish Swimming Club, was privileged to be part of the WCASA Youth Channel Relay team which successfully recorded one of the season’s fastest relay times. In so-doing, the team raised £8,500 for Children’s Hospice South West. So successful was the attempt that last year’s reserves, and a few other brave souls vowed to repeat the event this year, 2005.

Monday 15th. August, just after dawn, Gary Carpenter of Clevedon SC, ran into the waves at Shakespeare Beach, Dover. 9hours 6mins. later Helen Legg (Tewkesbury) climbed onto the sands near Cap Gris Nez, west of Calais, to complete the crossing. The other swimmers involved were Emma Cockroft (Bridgewater), Robert Cook (Cheltenham) and Paul Wilson (15) and Robin Shute (16) [both of Dawlish Swimming Club].

After astonishing fund raising efforts £16,000+ has already been banked, once more going to Children’s Hospice South West. The youngsters have really embraced this charity, being for the benefit of other South West kids, less fortunate. They have formed some enduring friendships and united in one of Planet Earth’s greatest adventures. People from all over the World converge on Dover Harbour to have a go. Less than 2,000 people have swum the Channel (>14,000 have climbed Everest!)

Open Water swimming offers real new challenges to swimmers; every race is different. 2012 will see the introduction of Open Water swimming into the London Olympics (it will be at Eton School’s rowing lake). Now’s the time to try-out the sport.
In the photo are: Robert Cook (Cheltenham); Emma Cockroft (Bridgewater); Robin Shute (Dawlish); Paul Wilson (Dawlish); Gary Carpenter (Clevedon) and Helen Legg (Tewkesbury).