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February 17, 2017

Devon County ASA President


Derek Wyatt

Derek Wyatt

Past Presidents of
Devon County ASA


2015 Sue Haigh
2014 Kate Veale
2013 Phil Whiting
2012 Roger Downing
2011 Coral Waldock
2010 Mel Jeynes
2009 Jeannette Stoneman
2008 Mr Dave Avery
2007 Mr S. Ward
2006 Lt. Cmdr David Forward, RN
2005 Mrs.C. Robinson
2004 Mrs S. Butler
2003 W.J. Baker Esq
2002 W.J. Baker Esq
2001 Mrs.C.M.Tremellen
2000 S.R.Veale Esq.
1999 P. S. Howard Esq.
1998 J. L. Bird Esq.
1997 K. H. Young Esq.
1996 A. Strudwick Esq.
1995 P. S. Howard Esq.
1994 Mrs. J. A. Vanstone
1993 R. H. Jarman Esq.
1992 K. Pring Esq.
1991 J. Gilpin Esq.
1990 F. J. C. Pearce Esq.
1989 Mrs. J. A. Vanstone
1988 M. Bennett Esq.
1987 J. J. Delaney Esq.
1986 Mrs. D. Turner
1985 W. J. Baker Esq,
1984 D. J. Roberts Esq.
1983 R. Snowshall Esq.
1982 Mrs. G. Chidgey
1981 Mrs. J. Veale
1980 R. G. W. Margetts Esq.
1979 Mrs. N. Williams
1978 R. W. Bickley Esq. / Mrs. P. Bickley
1977 G. J. Ley Esq.
1976 Mrs. J. Brokenshaw
1975 H. C. Allan Esq.
1974 D. W. Binmore Esq.
1973 Mrs. E. Hemer
1972 Mrs. K. B. Tuckett
1971 B. R. Homer Esq.
1970 E. C. Major Esq.
1969 E. Dean Esq.
1968 F. D. Fursman Esq.
1967 Miss G. E. Elliott
1966 P. G. Hill Esq.
1965 A. W. Mallory Esq.
1964 W. A. Kinggett Esq.
1963 H. W. K. Wills Esq.
1962 R. Bossom Esq.
1961 J. E. Penny Esq.
1960 J. W. Salter Esq.
1959 J. F. Lambert Esq.
1958 Mrs. S. W. Margetts
1957 J. Scott-Ormsby Esq.
1956 A. T. Pope Esq.
1955 Miss D. M. Punchard
1954 Brig G. de V. Welchman, C.B.E.,D.S.O.
1953 R. H. French Esq.
1952 F. Karslake Esq.
1951 F. Passmore Esq.
1950 Roy Newcombe Esq.
1949 S. Trounce Esq.
1948 L. Jones Esq. / L. J. Liddon Esq.
1947 F. P. Moon Esq.
1946 Mrs. E. M. Sloggett
1945 B. L. Thomas Esq.
1940-44 Rev. P. G. Heppenstall
1939 G. H. Hider Esq.
1938 W. J. Luscombe Esq.
1937 W. C. Bloye Esq.
1935 A. L. Sloggett Esq.
1934 G. Rossiter Esq.
1933 J. Camp Esq.
1932 T. Punchard Esq.
1931 W. McGinnes Esq.
1930 Ralph Newcombe Esq.
1929 S. 0. Horn Esq.
1928 Ernest H. Lamb Esq.
1927 R. A. Colwill Esq., O.B.E.
1926 J. Coombes Esq.
1916-25 The Hon. Lord Cable
1913-15 Hon. Lionel Walrond, M.P.
1909-12 Lord Clifford of Chudleigh
1908 W. R. Webb Esq.
1904-07 A. E. Spender Esq., J.P.
1902-03 A. H. Bridson Esq., J.P.
1901 F. Lear Esq.
1900 R. Barrett Esq.
1899 A. J. Tucker Esq
1898 N. Phillips Esq.
1897 E. J. Walters Esq.
1896 The Hon. W. F. D. Smith, M.P.
1895 A. 0. Sillifant Esq., LP.

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Championship Officials





If you would like to help out with Devon galas then please contact Kathy Forward kathyforward@outlook.com




We are also always grateful for anyone who can help with marshalling duties.

Expense Claims

Officials may claim expenses incurred for volunteering to officiate at the Devon County Galas.

The claim form can be downloaded here:

Claim Form

Claim Form (Rich Text Format)

Note: RTF format can be edited in notepad, wordpad, word or equivelant. Select the 'save' or 'save as' option.

For the Championships, please submit one completed form on or after last day of the competition, to Coral Waldock, the County Hon. Treasurer.

Don't forget to include the Inter-Club competition if you worked that day.

Claims are valid for officials who work all the sessions on a particular day. Please contact Coral if you have worked several sessions but not full days to see if you can claim.

Please list on the back of the form which dates you were working.

Disqualification report

British swimming - form library

Fina rule change (effective 1st Oct 2013) - click here


Medical Officer

Dr. Vivek Kulkarni, Devon County's Medical Officer, has been appointed to the ASA Medical Committee. If you need advice from Dr. Kulkarni on any swimming related medical matter you can get his phone number from the Western Counties handbook, available from all club secretaries.

Constitution - guidance from British Swimming

Dictating everything from voting rights to the role of secretary, the constitution is the cornerstone of every swimming club. Read on to access Model Constitutions to use, guidance and an ever expanding range of constitutional FAQs. Click here


DCASA Committee Minutes/Agendas

Please contact the General Secretary for information

Next Agenda:

Note: Agendas for meetings are placed on this website a few days before the actual meeting, the minutes are only uploaded after they have been approved by the subsequent meeting and will include the agenda as an annexe for future reference.


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Interim Report 2009

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Regional Swimming Committee funding

The Regional Swimming Committee now has additional funds from the competition license fees which can be accessed by clubs. This can be applied for under the headings below.

If your club wishes to apply please complete the application form and return it to me either by
post to 17 Barrow View, Ferndown, BH22 9SY or
email to christremellen@btinternet.com.
The application forms can also be found on the SW website under bursaries

Areas for funding:

Clubs based training days for swimmers. These must :

*involve a minimum of 3 clubs
*show a pathway
*show coaching development

Coach education sessions – seminars / skill development

Parent education sessions

Support available for clubs holding 800/1500m events that are held as discrete galas.

Funding is only available for speed swimming, disability & masters

Funding is not available for competition nor overseas training camps

Funding is available for up to 50% for Swim 21 clubs (or working towards)

Funding up to 25% for others.

We reserve the right to refuse funding.

Christina Tremellen
ASA SW Swimming Secretary


Regional Swimming Committee Funding

TSC funding application form